About the apprenticeship program

We offer 3-year apprenticeship programs as a Lab Technician. The apprenticeship starts in the beginning of August and can be completed at our sites in Aarau, Neuland or Bubendorf. Be sure to check our Open Positions page to apply! We look forward to receiving your application.

Location: Can be completed in Aarau, Neuland or Bubendorf
Duration: 3 years

Apprenticeship Programs


  • 1 day a week: professional education in Aarau
  • ½ day a week: general knowledge and sports

Berufsschule Matura

  • 1 day a week: professional education in Aarau
  • 1 day a week and every second Saturday: general subjects for vocational matura in Lenzburg

Technical Education

  • Assignment of instructor
  • 3 or 3 ½ days a week in the company
  • Practical work including assistance with a variety of projects
  • 1 hour theory/homework each week
  • Regular exams
Darja - QC&A

It's motivating working for a company that supports and encourages each individual to continuously grow professionally. I have been able to gain valuable industrial work experience through the apprenticeship at CARBOGEN AMCIS whilst undertaking a degree simultaneously.

Kurt - Laboratory Technician, Manchester


  • Innovative and global company which combines world-class chemistry skills to provide seamless drug substance, drug product development and commercialization services for leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.
  • Our vision is to help customers create a better world as the partner of choice for development and niche scale manufacturing of complex and challenging substances, highly potent active ingredients and drug products.
  • You will be working alongside excellent scientists contributing to research helping to develop the next generation of medicines.
  • You will draw strength from a highly collaborative and intellectually stimulating environment.

What we offer

  • Take on responsibility in a supportive, dynamic environment and gain valuable technical as well as transferable skills in your chosen field as a Lab Technician.
  • Work alongside our scientists to help solve important problems. All apprentices will have a mentor throughout the program to support, coach and guide them on their journey.
  • Opportunity to network and socialise with like-minded people in an international environment.
  • Great environment to continue to practice and keep improving your professional skills.
  • Opportunity to be better prepared for your future professional life.

What we look for

  • Someone who has a passion for science and is highly driven
  • Fluent in German as well as a good command of spoken and written English
  • Highly motivated team player, who is reliable as well as goal-oriented

Educational requirements

  • Sekundarschule or Bezirks school
  • Good grades in mathematics and the natural sciences
  • No prior work experience needed

To learn more about the apprenticeship programs and our application process please contact us.

What can you expect from the program?

First Year

August to December:
Internal introductory course

Analytic and synthesis practical (3 to 4 weeks each)

*Including practical courses in February (3 weeks) and September (3 weeks)

Second Year

Internal intermediate examination (practical and theoretical about the first year.

Analytical internship 

Synthesis course 

*Including practical courses

Third Year

Internal intermediate examination (practical and theoretical about the second year.

January to April:
Exam preparation

Practical exam (2 days)

Early June:
Theoretical examination (4 days)

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